Electronic Curriculum Sheet (ECS)

(provided by Dr. Kramer and Dr. Schueller (ret) of the CSIS department)

Suggestions for improvements are welcome and can be emailed to me.

This system does not have direct access to your transcript for security reasons. Therefore you must manually enter your transcript into this system:

  1. Keep this window/tab open,
  2. In another window/tab
    1. Login to the YSU portal,
    2. Open your transcript,
    3. Copy your transcript to the clipboard
      1. Select all (ctrl-a)
      2. Right click and choose copy (or ctrl-c)
  3. Paste your transcript in the box below: (or ctrl-v)
  4. Click the "Process Transcript" button


Hidden Features

There are some features in the system that are not obvious. They include:

Privacy Policy

This system currently collects and stores the following information:

Using this system implies consent for such data to be collected.

Limitations and Suitability

For a number of reasons, the ECS could produce incorrect or incomplete results. Transfer credit is particularly difficult for any automated system to handle. If something looks wrong, check with a human advisor. Humans are best equipped to handle unforeseen conditions.

Since the 2012 Gen Ed model allows some courses to meet multiple categories, the ECS does its best to allocate such courses. Since the mind reading package has not been installed, the ECS might not know your intentions for category for a given course. Also, there are times that the category of a course is placed in changes when other courses are added. Courses that can be in a different category have different background colors and hovering over such a course gives a message about what other category it could possibly be.


Currently data is available for a number of major programs within the STEM college and a number of minors. Current plans for expansion include:

Suggestions are welcome, even encouraged, and can be emailed to me.


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Class Data


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